From the Director's Desk

A recent online search of notable educational quotes and the importance placed on learning, revealed a gallery of thought and philosophies greater than I could digest in a lifetime. But despite all the antidotes and “words of wisdom”, very few focused on education through a Christ Centered lens. I believe in the education and learning process much like I believe in a boat to keep me afloat upon the water. Yet, in my opinion, to embark upon the learning process without a strong biblical mooring, is likened to setting sail in the vast open sea without a rudder to direct the vessel.

Santiam Christian’s deep heritage of biblically based academic excellence, devoted teachers, mentors and coaches, extra-curricular opportunities, and commitment to spiritual nurture have set us apart as a premier institution of learning. Your financial partnership with SC is what makes our mission to form and equip our young people to be leaders and world changers a reality, not just a possibility!

The various links to the left provide a wide range of giving opportunities and options for you to join hands with us as we continue to expand the school for our current and future needs. If you have a different area or burden to give that is close to your heart, please feel free to contact me directly in order that I might assist you at

Desiring His best for our kids,

Brad Schaffner

Director of Development